Preferred Customer "Price Comparison" Service
By registering as a Rovia "Preferred Customer" you now have access to "Price Comparison" service. This service is available only to Preferred Customers based on the following rules.
The "Price Comparison" service is available to help educate and evaluate prices found at competitor websites. This service provides you confidence that Rovia is searching for the best rate available based on availability and vendor pricing for air/hotel/car/cruises or vacation packaging. Many times Rovia can match "published" fares related to air, hotel, car and cruises when such rates are found in our agency GDS (Global distribution system) that every travel agency subscribes to access travel industry rates published by the vendors and suppliers. On occasion certain websites or competitor travel agencies offer "contracted" rates that are special rates negotiated on behalf of that agency based on many factors.
If you submit a request for comparison service and during the research Rovia staff finds the rate to be a "contracted" rate, then Rovia will place this rate in our database for our product development team to contact that vendor to negotiate our own Rovia "contracted" rate with that vendor or supplier for future availability. So if Rovia does not offer a specific "contracted" rate for a specific vendor today, then most likely Rovia will have that or a better rate in the future.
As a Preferred Customer please provide data to Rovia staff related to contracted rates offered by vendors so Rovia staff can aggressively work towards similar pricing in the future. Rovia currently offers many "contracted" rates and deals with other vendors and suppliers so if you have flexibility to pick and choose a vendor or supplier then Rovia can offer options equal or greater quality at better pricing. Rovia works on your behalf to search the "best deal" without sacrificing quality for pricing.
As for pricing there are thousands of vendors and pricing factors that can become confusing. The consumer may not realize that no travel agency or website can claim "guaranteed lowest price". The only party that can make the claim of "guaranteed lowest price" is the vendor or supplier as the vendor and supplier set pricing that is "published" in the GDS where all agencies access those rates to generate quotes.
If you find a better price anywhere else then make sure to get that information to Rovia as your Travel Reservation Specialist will research your request to determine if the rate is "published" or "contracted". If the rate is "published" and available then Rovia will secure the reservation on your behalf. If the rate is "contracted" Rovia will search other vendor options including our own agency "contracted" rates that may offer better value and or pricing. For example; you may find a flight, hotel, car, cruise, vacation package lower elsewhere and if the rate is not available due to limited seating, contracted rate, sold out, then Rovia will quote something of equivalent value or better pricing from another provider.
Service Rules:
- Preferred Customer must be ready and able to book with credit card for payment in hand when comparison is made in order to secure the rate.
- The comparison must not be part of a travel package related to group or event rate.
- The comparison has to be published through any of the major GDS and available to general public online from a U.S. based website or travel agency in U.S. currency.
- The comparison cannot be related to government fares, military fares, wholesaler fares, consolidator fares, unpublished rates, vouchers, special discounts, rewards program, incentive programs, loyalty-program discounts, fly free offers, promotions or e-mail promotions.
- Airline flight rates can change by the minute and pricing can display on other websites higher or lower based on many factors. Air ravel comparison must be based on exact itineraries including, without limitation, vendor(s), Fare Base, Class Code, layovers, stops, segments, routing, flight numbers, taxes, airport fees and any processing fees. Air fares must be compared with like fare restrictions and class.
- Comparison applies to only total airfare and does not apply to differences on fees not collected on the airline ticket. The lower total airfare may not include service-related fees such as booking, processing, shipping, or paper ticket fees.
- The fare/price must be available for booking at the time you contact Rovia, as determined by Rovia Travel Reservation Specialists (TRS). To assure exact comparison make sure to take a screen shot of the lower fare/price found.
- Competitor quote must be sent in a written format such as webpage screen shot or actual quote form and sent via email or fax to Rovia.
- All requests are subject to verification by Rovia and any disputes will be resolved by Rovia manager with any decisions final, and, by submitting a request, you agree to these terms and conditions.
- Rovia reserves the right to deny any requests based on this policy or based on the fact that the "Preferred Customer" provided incomplete information.
- Rovia has the right to modify the Price Comparison service policy at any time or any reason, without prior notice.
- Comparison service is only available during business hours (9:00 A.M - 6:00 P.M EST Mon - Fri) and only accessible via website Chat or email with Rovia Leisure Travel Consultant. Hours of service will expand in the near future along with call center service.